Feb 24, 2012

February Little Quilt- "Check!"

I am just about tearing my hair out tonight- the Internet gremlins are hard at work making my little bit of quiet blogging time less than enjoyable. Shut down...disengage wireless. Re-engage wireless. Start up again.....
slow, slow, slow....iPhoto doesn't want to do anything either. Urgh....I know there are days (evenings) like this, but seriously?? Can you just give me a bit of a break.

So what does that mean for the proof that I did indeed live up to 98% of my goal of finishing this month's little quilt?? A couple of really BAD cell phone photos under really bad lighting conditions and no editing program, lol. But guess what? I'm going to subject you all to the horror anyway.
As to the 98%-- well it is pieced, layered, HAND quilted (that was a joy!) and bound. I do want to do some wavy quilting in the outer border (the 2%), but I also want to know that I am going to line up those corners as I come to them. I've looked high and low for my chalk marker and do you think I can find it (and I know I had several at one point)?? So, I'm declaring February pretty much done for the month- I think the hand embroidery and the hand quilting let me pat myself on the back for today, and I'll finish up next week after getting a new marking utensil this weekend! It is still February until Wednesday after all, so I'm not cheating all that much.

So here it is in all it's horrid glory! I did get to give it a vignette setting before the computer had its hickups (and I decided to run MacKeeper to make sure it is just the wireless/weather/human error and not some real gremlins playing on the hard drive!). It really is softer and prettier than this:

I had an equally horrifyingly terrible close up of the embroidered center, but seems that never made it into iPhoto- probably a good thing!

So, February's Little Quilt is about to be history. Now on to March. In case you are all wondering, the projects are coming from the talented mind of Kathleen Tracy, author of some of my favorite quilt books. She does have a Yahoo Group, and this is where she issues the monthly challenges for 2012. I veered in January by doing the Temecula Quilt Shop's 12 Days of Christmas project, and chose Kathleen Tracy's alternate suggestion for the broken dishes blocks for February. I must admit, really enjoyed this one- even if I did go "girly".

Hope you are all working on something that makes you happy!
Keep stitching.....


(OH! LOOK! it was in the trash- I am now laughing hysterically 'cause that is where this photo truly belongs! )

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Sharon said...

Looks awesome! Hope tomorrow is a better day!!!!

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