Feb 16, 2012

Farmer's Wives

No, I'm not going to philosophy about being a farmer's wife- the closest I get to farming is being an "urban gardener"!
What I am going to do is jump back on the bandwagon with all the help I can possibly get. I went along swimmingly on my Farmer's wives blocks up until just before December, and then put it all away while working hard on the wedding, Christmas and the like. Now there is a sew-along on the Internet (see my sidebar), and it gives me the push to pull out all the blocks and get working again. The sow-along began on Feb. 1 with several blocks and I had 2 already done- since I'm not working in order. Here are my Basket Weave and Big Dipper:

I am working strictly from stash and will make my sampler totally and completely scrappy. I may repeat a fabric choice in the blocks (I'm making all 111- or are there more for the queen size?? No matter- there are a lot!), but then again- maybe not! A Farmer's Wife would have made-do, no?? The third beginning block is Contrary Wife. I'm pretty sure I did that one- but can't find a photo in the files! The second group of blocks were supposed to be posted yesterday, I believe, so I'm off to check Randy's blog. This could be just the kick-in-the pants I need to fire up the machine once again! I also need to finish up a little quilt for February- one of my "little goals" for 2012- one small quilt a month.
Oh so much to think about....and been so lazy the past 2 weeks. But heck, it's been a good thing! I may not have been exercising my sewing brain cells, but I have been reading- a LOT! Sometimes a girl just has to do what a girl has to do!
Happy sewing (or reading, or what ever it is you chose to do today)!


lynneUSA said...

hey I just nominated you for a liebster blog award - go have a look at the bottom of my most recent posting and you will see the details ( will in about 15 minutes i am just finishing it off)

Libby said...

Today I am officially closing my excuse that 'I put it away for Christmas' over halfway through February is far too long *s* Time to get some things off the list.

Sharon said...

I have started on mine again, and like you, am keeping it scrappy! Have fun!

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