Jul 7, 2012

Ready To Move Back In and Let's Discuss Quilts!

It's done and ready for me to move back in!!

 Can you tell I'm excited. So fresh, so clean...I do want to do a light scrub (my contractor and his brother cleaned from top to bottom before calling it a day yesterday- how amazing!) and then I will start to bring back the rest of the goodies so I can fire up the sewing machine. There are projects waiting for me to get back to them:

Being away a few days this month and seeing lots of quilts has gotten me back in the mood to create, finish some things I've started, and actually discuss quilting with friends once again. Pull up a chair- let's do just that (because I promised you I would).  In this post I chatted a bit about the Quilt exhibit at the Adirondack Museum in Tupper Lake. This exhibit entitled Common Threads: Quilt Trail (thread your way through history) is being staged until October 19th, so if you have a chance to visit the Adirondack's do go. The exhibit has you threading your way through the museum grounds to see the over forty quilts shown. Starting in the Visitor's Center and then winding your way to Boats and Boating, Log Hotel, roads and Rails, Sunset Cottage, The Adirondack History Gallery, Woods and Waters, Bull Cottage (love!), The Artist's Cottage and the Education Center you get to see not only life in this beautiful part of the northeast, but old and new quilts alike. Each of the quilts had its own fabric information block- a star block-with a quick quip on the outside which lifted to give you "the rest of the story".

So let's start at the Visitor's Center, shall we??

Here are the star info blocks hanging on the wall as you got ready to enter the main part of the Visitor's Center:

I was too excited to properly document the quilts and their makers, for this I apologize to you- the reader and to any living quilt maker whose creation was shown and not properly tagged in this blog.
I also hope I've tagged the correct quilt to the correct exhibit building!

Streak o' Lightning from Hotels, Camps and Clubs exhibit space.

 Sunset Cottage's One Patch Quilt

Another One Patch in the Artist's Cottage. See the half circles in the back window?? Mushroom Art! Yes, beautifully painted pictures on the large fungal growth one would find on old trees!!

Bride's Bouquet by Jean Morehouse Reed featured in Roads and Rails: Life in the Age of Horse
I was expecting an applique quilt, but found this lovely Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt instead! (Now where did I put all MY hexagons??)

In the Gallery Space, there was an educational floor level (cabinet) display highlighting quilting methods, patterns, material and tools. Again, I am just in love with hexagons! I also smiled at the display with the rotary cutter. I remember when I started to quilt it was a Kellogg's Corn Flake box (for your pattern templates), a pencil, scissors and some luck! How times have changed!!

I think that is enough for this one posting. It is to be a rainy day and I did say I wanted to start moving back into my sewing space...that means bidding you adieu for now. More to come.....


Diane said...

love the new sewing space-the wall color and the white trim it great. nothing like looking at quilts to re-energize you. I will wait for more pictures.

Nancy in MT said...

Your new studio looks wonderful with all the white. A place to create and find your way.

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