Jul 3, 2012

It's Time...

I'm seeing the light of day, and feeling a bit like a sunflower turning its head towards the sun!
It is time to move on with things I love to do...quilting, scrap booking, reading, spending time with family and friends. There are still little things that need to be done, but they will come to a close.
There are still legal and financial ends to string together. Again, they will come to an end- it is better now, and much less confusion and work.
I've gotten away on two short trips. Eldest child came home for a visit at the end of her quarter. She won't have to teach next term as she has gotten a writing fellowship. Knowing she'd be home she first planned an overnight trip for us to the Adirondack Mountains. Definitely a Soul Restoration. What is there about the mountains that bring such peace? We stayed at the Adirondack Hotel- a lovely little room facing the lakeside. Imagine my surprise when we saw the sign "Welcome Quilters"!  Really?? Did they know I was coming (smile). Who were these women and what was going on at Long Lake??
We never really did find out. We did, however get to see some lovely quilts at the Adirondack Museum. Displayed in appropriate settings through out the museum, as well as in the gallery spaces, it was nice to see new and old quilts living together happily.

These lovelies greeted us as we entered the museum building. New and old patterns hung side- by- side, drawing our attention UP! We both loved the Tree of Life quilt.  As we walked on through the museum grounds, an old crazy patch laid on a bed in one of the out buildings:

While a more elaborate, grandly embroidered one was on display in the gallery:

Even the weather (with its spurts of rain) couldn't dampen the spirits- how could it with vistas like this:

I will leave you for today, happy to be back and with lots more to tell. If I can find the exhibit information I can share more of what we saw! After that- thoughts of Vermont. I was "made to go" to the Vermont Quilt Festival for 2 days, another reason Eldest Child came home.  Such a hardship (another smile). It was definitely a whirlwind of a trip- as I usually go for the week and even take a class (or not) with The Quilt Buddy; that can wait until next year. I will be ready then.

To those who sent cards, emails and comments on the passing of my husband, I thank you. Friends help lighten the load whether we have know each other for many a year, or have met here on the Internet sharing life's ups and downs. I feel very lucky to have made and met so many friends. I have a wonderful support system...and life truly does go on.


lynneUSA said...

Welcome back, so glad to see you taking the time to look after yourself.

Diane said...

happy to see you back and taking care.

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