Jul 30, 2012

The Joy of Laughter

I've been in a bit of a funk of late. Ok, more than a bit. A complete, unrelenting, unhappy funk. I blamed it on the heat, but if I have to be honest with myself, this month just hit me like a lead balloon and it took a while to crawl back up from the depths.

So why is there a photo of undies?? Simply because those panties, those glorious size 13 panties, brought so much laughter yesterday that the funk was broken; I was able to emerge from the sadness cocoon I had been wrapped in so tightly that it was hard to break free.

There is a very definite story behind those scattered panties- I will spare you the majority of the details. There are also other photos. Photos of 5 wonderful, silly, happy women who came to stitch at my house yesterday. One took a flurry of increasingly silly pre-get together emails to heart, and arrived with a "gift" for each of us (yes, the underwear!). I will also spare you the other photos-I'd like to keep these friends (smile), and public embarrassment may not be their cup of tea.

So thank you Noel 1 for being the hysterically funny woman you are. Thank you Mardi, Noel2, Mary Ellen and Patty for being such good sports and playing right along. Thanks to each of you for bringing laughter back to my home. It has been missing for a long time. It felt good.


McIrish Annie said...

Good to see you posting again! Have a feeling this pic has something to do with "big girl panties" and hitching them up.

What great friends! glad you are out of the "funk" but can't blame you with this weather, it has had an effect on lots of us in the NE who are not accustomed to this damn humidity!

Keep smilin'!!

Carol said...

Nothing better that good friends and lots of laughs...I'm so glad you're feeling better...be kind to yourself...you've been through a lot. Take good care.

Diane said...

nothing like big laughs with good friends!

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