Jan 18, 2010

Simple Thoughts on a January Monday Morn

This morning while catching up with some of the blogs I read on a regular basis, I came across mention of The Simple Woman's Daybook. The idea behind it is to simply record a snippet of your life once a week- Monday being the chosen day as one would outline a few thoughts and plans for the upcoming week. I found it an interesting concept and something I think I would like to do. It would be a way to capture a few moments of personal history over the course of the next year. Thoughts, feelings, plans, gratitudes- little random bits of "me".

If you are curious you can visit the blog that got me thinking here:

Let my weekly journey begin:

FOR TODAY - January 18, 2010

Outside My Window... it is a wintry wonderland. It snowed, rained and snowed some more over night. Outside is more like a January thaw than a snowstorm. Warm(ish), white and gloppy! But- it still makes everything look cleaner and prettier than it was yesterday.

I am thinking...I would like to feel better. It has been days since I've felt up to par. It is the first real "illness" of the season, but it has caused me to feel unproductive, tired, and less than enthusiastic about things. I also miss time with my "little man". Don't want to infect him, so this Nana stays home.

I am thankful for
...Kleenex, saline solution, apple juice and warm coffee.Family members who are concerned and empathetic.

From the kitchen...Oatmeal with a large handful of blueberries. Warm, soothing. Simple.

I am wearing...jammies; they are clean and new--and have silly polar bears all over. At least they make me smile! I will shower soon and throw on comfy clothes.

I am creating...a dent in the bed's mattress. I don't normally allow myself the luxury of napping at will, but that is all I seem to want to do. When awake and with half a wit about me, I am slowly adding borders on a utility quilt. It looks warm and inviting in its deep colors. I will hand quilt it. I will curl up under it one day and be happy.

I am going...to stay in today! One more day of rest and recuperation. Tomorrow I will head back to work.

I am reading...The Shack by William P. Young

I am hoping...to see the grand baby later this week. I miss his sweet little face, his laughter and his smiles for his Nana. I heard him screeching on the phone last evening when his mommy called to check up on me. He has found his "loud" voice and it makes him happy-- silly little baby!

I am hearing...the sounds of neighbors shoveling; melting snow- dripping, dripping, dripping on the back roof...slightly hypnotic.

Around the house
...Christmas is still evident. I would like to find the energy to start putting it away- it is mid January after all. Perhaps this upcoming weekend. One more week of holiday trimmings can't be all bad.

One of my favorite things
...knowing that there are no plans for the day. Just relax, recoup. Ready myself for the rest of the week. It is time to return to the land of the living.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week
*organize for work tomorrow
*have dinner with friends on Wednesday evening. It is our long overdue holiday get together. It will be nice to see them.
*spend Wednesday and Thursday with the "Little Man"
*spend a day at the shop with my very favorite co-worker
*get in a bit of sewing, reading and actually cook a real dinner.

Here is picture thought I am sharing

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Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick, and loved hearing your reflections. Such pretty snow. Are you enjoying reading "The Shack"? Hope you have a great week, and I'm looking forward to sewing with you at the Valentine Party this Saturday!

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