Jan 5, 2010

I Resolve Not To...

make any resolutions!
It has always been my January tradition....
I resolve to ...
*re-start the diet
*re-start the exercise
*re-start the organizing
*re-start (_______________) fill in the blank.

This year, this new decade, this January 2010....
I resolve to not make any resolutions...well, maybe just one-
I resolve to finally understand that no matter what I do, I am my own worst enemy.
So I will just chug along, trying not to over extend myself.....
I will do what I can -one thing at a time.
I will be honest with myself about my ability to do everything I want to do, then do nothing because I have paralized myself. I will not beat myself up. What good is a hobby passion if all it does is make you sad that you don't do enough of it??

So I will just do what I can do. That being said, I will make one commitment for January's Charming Girls Club. I will finish putting together the top for Baking Day. Hopefully, I will brave the frozen tundra of the attic to find some fabrics to add to the shorted fabric amounts the (long ago) ordered BOM contained. IF I can do that in the next few days, I might even begin to hand quilt this one!
I get side tracked easily when I hit a glitch. But I love this top- tons! So I will brave the tundra and find some additional fabric. Isn't that why we love scrap quilts?!
Happy 2010!


Michelle said...

I LOVE WHAT YOU SAID!!! I feel the same way.

Shasta said...

Happy New Year! I didn't make any resolutions this year either. Restarting isn't very much fun. When's Baking Day?

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

I feel the same way, Karen. Except I couldn't resist making at least one resolution -- to stick to a schedule, be more organized-stop this silly flying by the seat of my pants. What is it, the 7th, and I've already failed (sigh)! I can't wait to see your Baking Day Quilt! It sounds really cute!

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