Feb 11, 2007

Things That Make Me Happy

Isn't this lovely?? There are days in my life when the goodness of friends just blows me away. I am touched, and feel almost unworthy of the kindness. This lovely collage of old sewing items and quilted piece was a belated Christmas gift from my dear friend Barb Nichols. Barb is a spry 70+ woman that I'd like to grown up to be just like. She has a quick wit, a loving heart and is so full of fun she makes spending the day with her outrageously funny. Yesterday was just such an occasion. Actually, it was guild meeting day. It is the one day each month when several of us get together to catch up on the month's doings. We giggle lots, eat a great lunch and most times there is a Bloody Mary or two involved! Long leisurely lunches...a good thing! I missed last month's get together due to my trip to Kentucky- so this month was particularly fun. Barb was pleased as punch to finally give me (as well as another quilting friend) our "over due" gifts. I was beyond shocked and love it dearly! Originally I thought I'd hang it in my sewing room to admire, but then thought that with the way things are going lately, I'd never see it! Besides, why should every one else in the house be deprived of such a lovely sight? With that in mind, I moved a small old platter I picked up at either an antique mart or a flea market years back and hung my precious collage above the old christening dress from my husband's family. It needs a new nail to bring it up off the peg rack, but I think it is well suited for its new home!

Lucky girl I am! Now all I need to do is find an old ( much better suited) hanger for the dress, and move that pottery basket! It doesn't belong anymore. It will get a new home. Perhaps even though it is whiter and not as old, I should hang my children's christening dress there as well. My own christening dress is in a shadow box in my bedroom- I had to hang it there as my daughter the museum educator said it reminded her of the "dead baby" dresses in historical museums, and it was creepy. Hardly the kind of response I was going for. Wonder how she'll feel about this display!?

On the sewing front, my "big" sewing machine had to go to the "doctor" on Friday, so I pulled out Fiona, my featherweight today. What a joy it is to sew on her. She is such a little work horse. One of the other girls that works with me at the shop came up with a bit of a fun challenge Friday. Feeling in a bit of a silly mood I took the bait! Do I have your curiosity going?? Think pink. Think black. Think palm trees! Now I know you'll all think I've gone off the deep end. Perhaps it is the continuing cold here, maybe we're all looking for a spot of warmth. She set our reveal day for Tuesday. I won't be back home til Friday, so by then I should be able to show you a photo. If I get a chance tomorrow am (before heading off to spend the week at my mom's) I can give you a sneak peek of the batiks...yes, batiks!..involved. I'm out of my comfort zone for a little bit! Should be fun.


Dawn said...

I sure hope it is flamingo's and not pink and black palm trees!

I love it over the christening gown! Don't think I saw that shot in the group? That present is awesome!

YankeeQuilter said...

What a great present...I'm sure she will love seeing it displayed in your home.

Sweet P said...

What an adorable gift. You're right it's too pretty to hide in your sewing room.

Shelina said...

It's always nice to get a quilty gift. I look forward to seeing the pink and black palm trees.

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