Feb 24, 2007

My muse has gone into hiding!

I spent the day trying to make this compass block work. I think it might be getting there, but I'm really not sure. I shouldn't be too harsh until the reverse applique is done, but I had higher hopes for it, I think. Maybe it should just be sent back to "the vault". I hate to waste the hours spent trying to save it. My intent was to save it from a life of darkness in the back of the project closet and use it as the medallion for a round robin I am doing with a small group of quilt friends. The third round instructions tell us to place the block "on point", so I didn't want to make anything that could be construed as a one-way design. Thus the compass block. Decisions, decisions!! If I decide I really do hate this block I have to get my brain and my machine in top form tomorrow and get a new design knocked out! Just when I need all my brain cells, they have decided to take a vacation.
I'll let you all know the final outcome when I know it myself. Tonight will tell, I guess.
Ever have those days where your muse goes into hiding???


Dawn said...

Oh I like it.... use it!!!!

Patti said...

Hmmm . . . I'm with Dawn. I really like this block! I definitely think you should use it. After all, it's for a round robin. I've seen some ho-hum blocks - and this is NOT one of those! - that have been turned into marvelous quilts by the borders sewn on by the round robin participants.

May Britt said...

This one would be perfect for a RR. So don't hesitate to use it!!!

gwen said...

I can´t see what is wrong with this block! It looks great and can be set on point as you said. If you are not too happy with it now, it is a reason more to give it a try with a round robin. You will be astonished what has become of it afterwards!

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