Dec 30, 2012

It Was A Good Christmas After All

I didn't think I'd be blogging so soon, but thanks to Mother Nature and her back- to- back snow storms, I am sticking close to home, and thought I would share a bit of our Christmas with you...


I felt this Christmas would be hard on the family, but I think each of us worked in our own ways to make sure we had a Christmas filled with love, laughter and happy reflections.  It took work, but I think we all managed to make it happen! Our gathering was much smaller this year, but still filled with all the love a family pours forth when they get together- especially ours. We've always been a bit over-the-top in the love and hugs department, and I am not at all ashamed to admit it!
The day began quietly enough- dinner was prepped, the dessert was made (now that is a story in itself!). Executive choices were made. Even though I carried an English holiday tradition back with me from the U.K., it went to the freezer for another time. We're still not exactly sure what the Christmas log is all about (is it served hot? cold?? ), but guessed from the ingredients that is "like a fruitcake".

the curious Christmas log

The festive (and very tall!) Peppermint Cheesecake Layer Cake was my "why am I making this today" moment, but I did and it was worth it! Yes, indeed- every calorie laden serving!

Five layers of yummy!
Even the frosting seemed to be a big hit with "old" and young ( from 3 yr old grandson: "I like the white part, Nana" - meaning the frosting) alike. Auntie I. couldn't wait for after dinner- she was caught red-handed in the kitchen, taste-testing the left over (white chocolate mousse) frosting:

caught you!

Which then led to a bit of pre-dinner relaxing with a smile on her face!


Post dinner gift receiving was especially fun :

Daughter-in-Law watching a special little elf 
Who would ever think that at 3 years of age, my grandson would happily play Santa's helper and hand out all the gifts before wanting to open his own growing pile of wrapped goodies! We all marvelled at this and enjoyed his excitement as he handed a family member their gift.

open YOUR presents, Nana!

This one's for me!?
We were even more surprised that when it came time for him to rip into them, he sat quietly on the couch, opened each one carefully and made a comment and/or exclamation about each one....

We had some chuckles:

Auntie M and eldest child
Grandson loved his construction themed pillowcase:

Played happily with his "new age" Lincoln Logs:

and set up his Cat In the Hat game (as we all clapped and laughed at the silly feats he was directed to accomplish):
Play with me, Nana!
Towards day's end, we Skyped with Youngest Daughter and the Son-In-Law in England (where it was close to 1am and poor S-I-L looked exhausted!), the much asked for bath in Nana's new tub was given, The Grandson jumped happily up and down on Nana's bed for a few minutes (our post bath ritual!), and then settled down to have Nana read one of his new books (Good Night, Good Night,Construction Site) to him while The Daddy packed up the car with gifts so the little family could set off for home as had The Sister and The Aunties several hours before.
Is there anything better than a comfy chair, a warm pair of PJs and a night time story?

As Christmas day came to a close, I realized two things:

1. I was exhausted!
2. No matter how big the hole left in your heart feels, when there is family around it fills up quickly.

Christmas 2012 was different- it held the expected sadness in my private moments, but it was filled with so much love, laughter and joy that it was "A Good Christmas After All".

I am now ready to look ahead to making more happy memories in 2013. That is my wish for each of you: that you have peace, health and joy... and may your hearts be filled with love.


Carol said...

What a wonderful post Karen! Your cake looks absolutely amazing! Your grandson is precious. Happy! Happy 2013 to you!

The Giving Quilt...a true story. said...

And to 2012 a goodnight.....

Libby said...

Sounds like the perfect day! All the best to you in the New Year!

Let's resolve to finish our Folk Art Gathering quilts *s*

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