Dec 15, 2012

Not Finding Any Words

After the devastating and senseless horror in CT yesterday, I still struggle to find words.
How do you say something comforting to a friend whose grandson attends that school?
What do you say when your son, now a father himself, admits that he couldn't concentrate at work yesterday because all he could think of was his own child? Becoming a parent changes everything.
No matter if they are 3 or 33 they are your babies. Yesterday was unthinkable to me. My heart aches.
Many, many hearts do I would imagine....
I found these words beautifully written, and will leave you with them:


Mardi said...

Love you

McIrish Annie said...

These are pretty dark days here in CT. You never think it will happen in your backyard.

My heart goes out to the parents who have lost their child. I can't even begin to imagine the grief.

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