Jun 7, 2011

Here We Go Again!

Blogging comes once a month it seems, but it isn't as if I have nothing to show...
it is just hard to find time to sit and share with all that I have going on. Now don't go feeling sorry for me. It is a "problem" of my own making. Work, family, gardens, sewing...yup all still need attention.
With the multiple projects in various stages of completion already strewn around the sewing room, why do I let myself get crazed and start anew when I know I shouldn't?? We all do it, don't we (don't we??)?
Oh well, can't help myself, here I go again....look at this mess-

why do I "just have to" choose projects requiring tons of cutting, sewing, pressing, and trimming of half-square triangles? Thus the mess above. It's a little mess- the bigger one is already swept into the trash basket. But those little cut, sewn, pressed and trimmed half-square triangles look so cute.

and after I add all of this

I end up with 4 of each of these.
(It's a good thing- I need 127 blocks!)

Just couldn't help myself. I fell in love with this quilt from a brand new book Winning Fat Quarter Quilts. At least I think that is the name...will have to recheck to make sure I have my facts right!

I knew I had more than enough fat quarters to make every quilt in the book (probably could go straight to king size- nothing small here, but I decided on full/queen). I started pulling these

It was easy to get 32 light/dark combos. I have plenty in the drawers of that triple dresser that I joke about. Wow. I could free up space in the drawers. No, don't ask why I would need to do that...and no, I haven't been to a quilt shop (except to work). But VQF is looming! No, no...no spending! I have more than my fair share (hahahah-insert your favorite evil laughter...)
Cutting is fast, easy and you don't waste any fabric (it is done in pairs). I now have a small canvas basket filling with scraps for a future project (oh help me!! It is a sickness.). Do I get time off for good behavior? Oh, actually, I did! and what did I do...I went to a quilt show. Lots of ideas there....yes, I need help. Lots of it. Desperately seeking help. Photos from the show will be forthcoming...if I can stop making those half-square triangles!!


Cheryl said...

You are not alone...we all need help! It's a good sickness though. I recognized a lot of those FQ fabrics. They are going to make a beautiful quilt.

Me and My Stitches said...

The good news is...we can all be sick and crazy together! Love all of your fabric choices.

Libby said...

You're gonna have a great quilt - all from stash. If you think about it in just the right way, it's like a 'free' quilt. No shopping involved. This logic means that you can shop, shop, shop at VQF *s* Have fun!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love that north wind block and have made one quilt already in reds, whites, and blues. I have a feeling that when you use a machine to piece you need to iron more often.

Carol said...

That's going to be a great quilt...love all the fabrics...you are so not alone...I know I need lots of help! LOL! Love HST's...it's like an addiction.

Linda said...

Love that block and those fabrics!! Going to be a gorgeous quilt!!

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