Jun 13, 2011

And the work continues!

It was a fairly quiet weekend here- no ladders, no men on the roof! Saturday, I dodged the rain and drove down to one of my favorite quilt shops and had a bit of me time. I managed to pick up some overdue blocks and a bit of fabric (one to complete an on-going project). I also picked up Jo Morton's new book Banner Day! This one is fabulous- well all her books are, but this one is really fabulous! I'd post a photo, but for some reason blogger isn't cooperating. Oh well. Yesterday was a very quiet day here at Casa M. I decided it was time to attack the two spots on the living room rug that were bothering me. Success for the most part- think I'll respray today and they should be 100% gone. Then, since the ceiling taping and mud went up on Friday, I thought it was high time to bring the breakfast room out of the 80's. First job- get rid of the cutsey bird house wallpaper border and the not so professionally done chair rail. Didn't take any time at all, and the room already looks better. I am going to dispose of the very 80's vertical blinds and finally make those drapes I intended to do. Happily I never got to it before- as I would have done something more fu-fu and would be disposing of that now too {smiles}. I am just going to make simple panels for each of the big windows - and hang 'em high! I think the room will look tall and elegant and I'll be able to see the gardens with out peeking thru verticals. Once the wobbly computer table is replaced with youngest daughter's gorgeous black desk, and I spruce up the rest of the furniture that has to stay I think the room will be more in keeping with my new sensibilities. I also know it is going to lead to more trouble as I will want to do the same to the kitchen and half bath. They're all connected you know! Time on my hands...a bad thing! I've told the husband I am going to ask our contractor about putting hardwood flooring in the nook...and I may ask about going right thru the kitchen as well. We'll see!
After all the manual labor (including laundry) I pulled out a very old project! I had been working diligently on Vintage Valentine for some time years ago. Too many years ago to fess up to. It was supposed to be a wedding gift for son and DIL. Once I got side tracked, I felt that it was never going to happen, so I decided to just "forget" I had it. For some reason yesterday I decided I wanted to finish it after all-- and finish it for their anniversary in October. There is going to be a lot of frantic needle turn going on if I am to stick to that commitment. Good thing they don't know this was even in the works! I had considered just scrapping the entire idea as I'd like to make them individual quilts anyway, but being the good momma I try to be, I'd like to accomplish it all. Delusions of grandeur, me thinks!!
And with that...it is time to begin another week. I am a free bird today and need to grocery shop. And thus it begins...I hear a ladder, guess I should sneak into the shower before there is a face in that window!


annieb said...

Ah, yes, well often sprucing up or renovation leads to more, doesn't it? I am also working on window coverings for sliding doors to the deck (where vertical blinds used to be).

Quilts And Pieces said...

Holy smokes. You have been one busy girl!

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