Dec 31, 2010

Looking Back

It has been an interesting year on many fronts. 2010 was the year I became totally and completely in love with grandmother-hood. How can one not, when you have a devilish little imp that delights you each and every time you walk in his door (or he into yours). It is the year our revolving front door saw one daughter move home and another move back to Chicago. I celebrated "the big one" (yes,the 6-0) and survived. There have been ups and downs as family members continue to age, as things change in the work arena and as friends found less and less time to get together. But over all, 2010 was not terribly traumatic.
Many of the quilting blogs I read have been showing a round up of 2010 projects that have been completed. Some have a very impressive list- complete with photos. Makes me wonder what it was, exactly, that I managed to accomplish in my sewing room (other than creating a complete and utter mess??). I could say "not much" but what I did complete made me extremely happy. Here are some glimpses of completed quilts as well as some in need of quilting. Now bring on 2011- I think I just may be ready to face it.

1.This spring, I pieced several projects from the book Remembering Adelia. This top was one of my favorites. It is earmarked to go to the quilter soon.

2. This full/queen Yellow Brick Road was an overdue retirement gift for a friend. She got it on her birthday this year, and absolutely loved it.

3. I hand stitched my first full wool (on flannel) wall quilt- Festival of Trees from the book Juniper and Mistletoe. I am completely thrilled with it as is my family. It hung on the foyer landing this Christmas, and because it doesn't scream Christmas Quilt, it is going to remain up until spring arrives.

4. I caught the small quilt bug. This is just one of several I completed this year, and the only one I could find a photo of. I love that I am able to quilt these fairly easily by either hand or machine. I've done both and realized just how much I love hand quilting. I hope to do more of it in the coming year.

5. Another Yellow Brick Road was a collaborative effort by Youngest Daughter and myself. She chose the color scheme and did the block designing. Since she was on a very tight deadline, I did the sewing as she handed me blocks. Once she had the layout just the way she liked it, I put the rows together. It was machine quilted, and DD bound it over a three day time period, then it was packed and off to Poland with her to give as a gift to her boyfriend's mother on Christmas. It was very well received!
(*Note- the lighting was harsh so this picture doesn't do the quilt any justice. I do wish I had gotten a better photo before the quilt left the USA)

6. This Stars on Point pattern was originally going to be the quilt I kept for myself. As I was sewing I decided that my sister might really like it and that I would give it to her as part of her Christmas gift. I was right! She really loved it, and I have found out that she doesn't want it to be destroyed by the cats. She plans to hang it in her bedroom on the focal wall. I feel quite honored! Again, I'm not sure what is up with the camera, but this photo is rather dull in comparison to the "real deal"!

6. This is my latest project begun in 2010. It is also the project I spend 6 hours (round trip) in a car to sew with a great group of girls. Quilting has brought much into my life. I'm looking forward to the new year, more sew-ins, and catching up on my Folk Art Gatherings.

I have made a promise not put any pressure on myself this coming year. I will enjoy each and every stitch I take either by hand or by machine. I will make time to reconnect with the girlfriends whose company I enjoy so much-who make me laugh, who remind me of the good times each and every time we get together. I'll make the most of this new year on my own terms.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you out there....
may you greet it on your own terms, and find the joy in each and every day.


Cheryl said...

Your body of work for 2010 is wonderful! And I hope your resolution to reconnect with quilting and the friends associated with it brings you much happiness!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

I enjoyed reading your summary of 2010 projects. You got a lot accomplished! And your resolutions for the new year sound like good ones to me—something we should all strive for!

annieb said...

What beautiful projects! Good luck with 2011 and enjoy a "no pressure" year.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Wow - I'm impressed! With all you had going on - you finished a lot of really pretty projects! Way to go Karen!! Looking forward to stitching and blogging with you in the New Year!

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