Oct 15, 2010

October Sew -In

It is time for another sew-in night! you can read all about it over at Heidi's blog
This time around I hope that I can actually get myself into my sewing room and participate. Always have the project, don't always have the time. Tonight I will continue working on my Civil War Tribute blocks. They aren't easy! Very time consuming blocks here, tons of cutting and even more piecing- multiple blocks with many construction techniques that can test one's patience. I'll carry on. I love this project. If I'm too tired to think about precision I am sure there is lots of applique that needs to be done!
It is a rainy, gloomy day and it isn't supposed to clear up anytime soon. A sew-in is just the thing for this evening, I think.


Cheryl said...

I'll be trying the sew in as well. Using it to motivate me to finish a project I have tired of.

Sharon said...

MAYBE I will get to sew this evening....have fun!

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