Apr 29, 2008

Stop the World I Want To Get Off

and stop the world I did! One week ago yesterday I packed up the car, met a group of like minded friends and headed off for Kentucky- Paducah to be exact. What a wonderful week. We rented a house in the Kentucky Lake area and it was our own patch of heaven on earth. The quilt show was amazing and I spent way too much at the vendors, but when they put Reproduction Quilts, Bonnie Blue Quilts and Primitive Gatherings in front of my wallet- it was hard "not to"!
I went with a plan for the most part...I had a Civil War pattern from Reproduction Quilts I wanted to add fabrics to. Bonnie Blue had a kit of My Old Kentucky Home--I've wanted to make that quilt since the day I first saw the pattern. Those that know me well, know I don't really "do blues", so a kit was just the perfect way to go. I also bought a pattern to use the pink and brown fat quarters I got at Hancock's. Lisa B. of Primitive Gatherings designs just too splendidly, and I walked away happy but very broke! Her new book, Primitive Christmas is to die for; she and Carol both signed it for me (and every one else in our little group), and Nick, Lisa's husband added his "go Yankees" to the Old St. Nick page...not a reference to our state of origin, but to the fact that he too is a BIG Yankee fan (yes of the baseball kind).
It was a wonderful week, and coming back to reality will be hard. The suitcase is unpacked, the laundry is done, and I am finding places to put the new acquisitions. I still need to download the camera!
I got the world to stop, I got off in my own personal Oz, and boy oh boy---I am a happy girl right now!

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Libby said...

Sounds like a terrific time . . . can't wait to see those pics - and for that Christmas book to make it's way to my neck of the woods *s* I've heard such wonderful things - I've gotta have it!

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