Jul 6, 2007

A New Friend

I thought I'd start my adventure at the Vermont Quilt Festival in the middle! Good as any place to start really, since it seems I made a new friend quite easily! On Friday I took a side trip to the Shelburne Museum. There were three quilt exhibits being featured, one a wonderful small permanent exhibit of Amish quilts. This particular exhibit was at the textile building which is at the bottom of the hill near the duck pond. On the way down a mother duck and her sweet family was ambling across the road to the pond. Naturally I had to stop and pull out my camera as all I could think was "make way for ducklings"!
As they hit the grass one little guy (girl?) turned and looked me straight in the eye and exclaimed "Peep! Peep?" I had no idea what the chat was about but decided to peep back. That is when we became fast friends. This little sweetie just waddled right up to me and peeped back...and we continued to peep and walk together for a bit. If anyone saw me they would most likely have thought I'd lost my mind, but we were having fun.

Then momma noticed jr. was missing! Being the good mom, she charged the offending human (that would be me!) and gently nudged her baby back to the fold. !

Back with the fold, peeper made it to the edge of the pond and without looking back he dove in under the water and surfaced a short time later happy as could be. Family- it is a wonderful thing! Just made me smile to stand and watch the antics a bit.

I had almost forgotten how lovely Shelburne can be. Later I shall show you some of the quilts I got to see. Right now I need to start my day, or I shall be terribly late! Oh to be a little duck swimming merrily along in a nice cool pond- eating what I like best and eyeing the lillies. A chat with a human or two...especially the ones who talk back, now wouldn't that be fun!


Dawn said...

Oh no fair! I've always wanted to go to that museum! Pics! We want Pics!

Libby said...

Glad the family is all together once again *s* Can't wait to see the show!

Kathie said...

isn't it nice to just stop and enjoy nature for a few minutes...
had to laugh as I would have done the same thing started peeping back to that little guy!
I am with Dawn though...can't wait to see the Vermont pictures I was so sad I didnt get to go this year.
kathie in Nj

Monica said...

I love this post, because I became best friends with all the ducks (and pigeons, and sea gulls) of Stockholm who wanted our picnics! The Amish quilts are fantastic, and I'm fascinated by the summary of the Af-Am quilter. What a great bunch of exhibits, lucky you!

p.s. you don't mind me commenting, I hope!

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