Aug 23, 2008

Long Time No Post....

where has it gone...I woke up and spring had turned into summer and now summer is turning into my favorite time of year..Fall. Well, OK, not just yet. It is still "just" August 23rd, but before one can batt an eye, it will officially be fall.
I love is my favorite time of year. I hope it brings new mojo with it. I seem to be devoid of mojo lately. No quilting, very little stamping/card making.
Lots of sighing about lost mojo however. Maybe I should put my energies into trying to get creative instead of all this creative sighing?? Hummm...wonder if that will work!
It is a beautiful Saturday here in upstate NY. I've been to the farmer's market at Troy's Riverfront. Oh so yummy...big heads of red leaf lettuce, the cukes, tomatoes and red peppers at one of my favorite stands were just totally outstanding this am.
Got my grain fed beef, a lovely peach tart, 3 loaves of home made bread- the hubby eats them lickety split..even the whole wheat!
Then I treated myself to some early apples and a bouquet of wildflowers. I love these Saturday mornings. Now to enjoy the rest of the is a good news/bad news kind of thing...the post teen-aged daughters from across the street have moved into their own apartments, the youngest of the next door family drove off in the packed mini-van with said parents to start her freshman year at college- and the neighborhood is abnormally quiet. NOT for long, I'm sure. The "Rosebuds" are moving in today, and SUNY can't be far much for the quiet neighborhood moments. We'll be bustling around here in very short order. Oh yes, let me remind myself, I truly do love the fall.

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MistiRose said...

Welcome to the PID list! I find that the weekly challenges FORCE inspiration... even when it's the unintended kind. ;) I think you'll love it here - it's a wonderful group. So great to see your comments about Anne Rice in your Bio... she was one of my select few authors that I would read by name alone. Usually, the book has to appeal to me on some level before I will purchase it; she always got an automatic hard cover purchase no matter what. Unfortunately, she lost me as a long time dedicated reader when she began to explore her own personal issues with her lapsed Catholocism through her writings. I miss her! Anyway, as usual, I digress! Welcome aboard! (Fall and winter are my favorites too!)

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